Algonquin Park Canoe Trip Packages

Algonquin Provincial Park is one of the largest and oldest wilderness parks in Ontario, Canada. It is held by many to be the greatest canoe-tripping location in the world, as evidenced by a continual flow of international visitors. At half the size of New Hampshire, it boasts hundreds of miles of canoe routes, each with its own personality, length, and degree of physical difficulty. The options are innumerable, making it easy to create a unique and dynamic trip experience to fit the specific needs and goals of your group.

Please review current travel requirements before booking a trip to Algonquin.  In addition to the normal identification documents, both Canadian and the US health authorities have their own entry/re-entry requirements and processes in place.  Those requirements may change from time-to-time and may effect trip plans.

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Package Details

The following packages are designed to help you target the right mix of support, resources, and cost for your unique trip event.  Just need canoes and/or some filler gear?  A la carte rates are here.

Standard Canoe Package

$57 Per Person/Day
  • Kevlar Canoe - 53lbs (3 ppl/Canoe)
  • Paddles & PFDs
  • Canoe Packs (2 per 3 ppl)
  • 3-Season Tent (3 ppl/Tent)
  • 3-Season Sleeping Bag w/Liner
  • Therm-A-Rest Sleeping Pad
  • Stove/Fuel (if needed)
  • Cook Kit w/ Cleaning Kit
  • Med Kit
  • Algonquin Park Maps
  • Bear Rope
  • Base Camp Overnight
  • Showers (Post Trip)
  • Pilgrimage T-Shirt
  • Wilderness Food Package (+$9 pp/day)

Deluxe Canoe Package

$69 Per Person/Day
  • Kevlar Lite Canoe - 45 lbs (2 ppl/Canoe)
  • Paddles & PFDs
  • Canoe Packs (Individual Packs)
  • 3-Season Tent (2 ppl/Tent)
  • 3-Season Sleeping Bag w/Liner
  • Therm-A-Rest Sleeping Pad
  • Stove/Fuel (if needed)
  • Cook Kit w/ Cleaning Kit
  • Med Kit
  • Algonquin Park Maps
  • Bear Rope
  • Base Camp Overnight
  • Showers (Post Trip)
  • Pilgrimage T-Shirt
  • Wilderness Food Package (+$6 pp/day)

Added Values

All Pilgrimage packages include the following added values that bring our 30+ years of wilderness ministry experience to your planning and preparation process:

Ministry Consulting

We will spend whatever time you need to help think through how your wilderness event engages with your overall ministry strategy.

Trip Design

We will help design your route and trip elements around your group dynamics and ministry objectives.

Complete Forms Packet

All of the key forms you need… like group detail tracking, med form, release form, route planner, etc… all online.

A La Carte Rentals

The following is a partial list of a la carte rental rates. Canoe rates include delivery to and from Canoe Lake (#5) or Shall Lake (#17). All other gear can be picked up at one of two base camp locations. Rates are in USD and assume a 5+ day rental.


  • Royalite (55 lbs) – $25/day
  • Kevlar (53 lbs) – $35/day
  • Kevlar Lite (45 lbs) – $40/day
  • Kevlar Ultralite (43 lbs) – $49/day

Canoe Spotting (Delivery & Pickup Included)

  • #11 Opeongo – $150
  • #4 Rain Lake – $295
  • Don’t see the access point you want? Call us at 570.406.2273!

Vehicle Spotting

  • $100 per vehicle/driver

Travel to Canada

Algonquin Provincial Park is in Ontario, Canada.  That means US-based groups will cross the international border twice -- on the way to Algonquin and on the way home.  All adults need a passport (or equivalent), but minors (under 18) traveling with organizational groups have lesser ID requirements.  Click here for more details on ID requirements.

Park Fees

Algonquin Park requires permits for overnight backcountry camping.  There is a reservation flat fee for each travel group (up to 9 ppl) and a per night fee for each group member. Current fees thru March 31, 2020, are:

  • Group Fee: $12/travel group
  • Per Person Fees
    • Ages 6-17: $5.65 (CDN) pp/night
    • Ages 18+: $12.43 (CDN) pp/night
  • Current fees are online here.

Map It

FAQ (Other Details)

The park regulations limit travel/campsite groups to 9 people and most campsites only support 3 or 4 tents.  So larger groups will require registration of multiple travel groups. The goal is to protect the pristine nature of the wilderness.

Larger groups can reserve routes that have multiple campsites within the same vicinity each night and can gather for meals, travel together during the day, etc..., as long as they take care to "leave no trace."

Our team has over 35 years of helping plan group trips.  We can help you design the optimal route and dynamics for your group.

You will self-transport your people to the access point at the beginning of your trip and back to base camp after you exit the park.  You will park your vehicles in the parking area at the access point.  Parking passes are free with your backcountry permits and park staff regularly patrol the area.  Canoes will be transported to and from your access point by the outfitter.  This approach gives you max flexibility to control your trip schedule, even when weather or other dynamics change it on the fly.

Location is just East of Dwight, Ontario -- about 15 minutes West of the primary access point we use (Canoe Lake, #5).  Map the drive here.

Frankly, there are a ton of options in Algonquin.  Check out, which has an interactive map of the Algonquin.

The Canoe Routes Map by Friends of Algonquin Park is a digital version of the print maps included in our packages.  It may be more helpful.

Most groups do 6- or 7-day trips.  But shorter or longer trip lengths are viable too.  We can help you design the right fit for your group.


Once you're in the park, "facilities" are limited to what we affectionately call "treasure chests."  There is one at every campsite, usually tucked away in the woods out of sight from the tent spaces and fire ring.

Yes.  The biggest thing here is to make sure you are strategic in protecting the pristine natural resource Algonquin provides.  If traveling together throughout the day, particularly when on portages and stopping at campsites for lunch, take extra care to stow any garbage, avoid undue wear on the environment, etc...