"God has used each trip to bring real change in our people and in my own life."


35+ years staging effective ministry trips around your group and your goals.

Why Wilderness?

Engage Relationship

True community is deepened through striving after God... enhanced by the challenge of the wilderness environment.

Epic Environment

Experience one of the most breathtaking slices of creation in North America. Algonquin Provincial Park (Ontario, Canada) and the Boundary Waters (MN) are known worldwide for their beauty.

Focused Purpose

The wilderness removes distractions and allows you to focus on growing in a way other ministry event environments to not... and it works on both the individual and group learning curves.

Easy Logistics

We support trip logistics at the level you need. From full packages to A La Carte gear, trip food, base camp, route planning and more. You don't need to be a wilderness guru to run an effective trip with us.

Our Experience

We’ve been helping churches, schools and other organizations run trips in Algonquin for over 35 years. Leverage our experience to design an effective ministry trip around your group and your goals for them.

Who Should Go?

Men’s groups, leadership teams, youth groups, school groups, families, father/kid groups, couples… we’ve helped them all run successful wilderness events. Each group has its own personality, opportunities, and needs. Got a group? We can help!

Astonishing Wildlife

Moose, river otters, loons, the occasional bald eagle… just some of the amazing wildlife you may encounter.

We are excited for the opportunity to support your ministry through the Wilderness Outfitting program.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the office at 570.406.2273. A Pilgrimage team member would love to help you.

Church Trip Videos

Want an idea of what to expect or what is possible? Take a look at some of the trip videos from various churches.

Ogletown 2016

West Gennessee 2011

Heritage 2006