Master Plan for Ministry

Master Plan is an 8-session series designed to train ministry teams how to build their strategy around discipleship as a core value. Key resources include spiritual diagnosis tools, spiritual growth plans and tools for evaluating and building effective ministry teams.
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The Master Plan training series is a sequence of eight instruction sessions that walk through a biblical strategic planning process for discipleship in local church ministry.  While the video content is primarily voiced for student ministry teams, the strategic approach is relevant to any subset of local church ministry or to the entire ministry mix of a local church body.

Whether you attend a live Master Plan seminar or you walk your team through the online or DVD training series, the biblical ministry philosophy and practical skill set they gain will make an immediate impact on your ministry environment.  It’s personal.  It’s accessible.  It’s actionable.

Seminar sessions are interspersed with “SHOP TIME” breakout sessions designed to kick-start the process for ministry teams.  They provide powerful tools for developing and on-boarding key volunteer ministry leaders.

Master Plan Digital Toolbox

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Get instant online access to all 8 videos (over 6 hours of training!), plus the bonus Q&A session AND download access to the complete Leader Toolbox.

Master Plan DVDs


Need the flexibility to play the sessions on traditional DVDs? Get the whole set of 4 DVDs that include all 8 sessions in a handy case.

Key Topics

  • A biblical blueprint for ministry
  • Unlocking the missional within the organizational
  • Spiritual diagnosis as a strategic foundation
  • How to do effective spiritual diagnosis
  • Designing individual spiritual growth plans
  • The spiritual life cycle of ministries
  • Designing effective ministry teams
  • A key to getting started

Essential Tools

  • Individual spiritual diagnosis tool
  • Spiritual diagnosis self-evaluation survey
  • Group spiritual diagnosis tool with heat map
  • Group spiritual life cycle evaluator
  • Ministry team design tool
  • Ministry team member 360 evaluation tool
The weekend was awesome for my team! What would have taken me months to communicate was downloaded in a weekend! Dan

Youth Pastor

I just paused this week’s video (Video 6) at 33:50.  I cannot begin to tell you how this has impacted me.  I will reap from this course for the foreseeable future. Mike

Associate Pastor