Cuyahoga Valley Church – Broadview Heights, OH

[column place=”first” width=”five” custom_class=”” ] [/column][column place=”last” width=”five” custom_class=”” ]An essential element of The Internship at Cuyahoga Valley Church is the real -life environment and work atmosphere. Sometimes interns are put to work in “meaningless” areas… not here! As an intern, your responsibilities are uniquely matched to your strengths- as well as the areas that you need to grow in. Examples include: teaching, organizing a ministry, training leaders, building relationships, arts and graphic design… the list is always growing. Impact Student Ministries at CVC is a fantastic place to grow and learn. With 150 regularly attending students, the energy and potential is contageous. For more information on who we are, check us out at

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[column place=”first” width=”four” custom_class=”” ][headline]Contact Info[/headline] [icon icon=”icon-user”] Primary Contact: Rick Eimers
[icon icon=”icon-home”] The Internship at Cuyahoga Valley Church
5055 E. Wallings Rd
Broadview Hieghts, OH 44147
[icon icon=”icon-phone”] Phone: 440.972.2278
[icon icon=”icon-envelope”] Email:
[icon icon=”icon-globe”] Website:
[/column][column place=”center” width=”four” custom_class=”” ][headline]Internship Details[/headline][icon icon=”icon-calendar”] Start: Every June
[icon icon=”icon-time”] Commitment: 12 months
[icon icon=”icon-usd”] Compensation: Yes
[icon icon=”icon-home”] Room/Board: Yes
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