Arrowhead Bible Camp – Brackney, PA

[column place=”first” width=”five” custom_class=”” ] [/column][column place=”last” width=”five” custom_class=”” ]Our mission to Impact Lives and Make Disciples explains it all. Through our year round facilities we focus on serving guest groups, equipping mission teams and a significant specialization in programming for adults with developmental disabilities. For students, we offer a dynamic experience in camping ministry with a passion for leadership, discipleship and organizational excellence. We are excited to provide students with a customized learning environment that will be a critical part of their preparation for full time ministry.
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[column place=”first” width=”four” custom_class=”” ][headline]Contact Info[/headline] [icon icon=”icon-user”] Primary Contact: Ben Myers
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122 Arrowhead Cottage Road
Brackney, PA 18812
[icon icon=”icon-phone”] Phone: 570.663.2419
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