Academic Programs

John Engle, a PER Intercultural Youth student, teaches in Berlin, Germany (2013)

Intercultural/Youth student, John Engle, teaches in Berlin, Germany

Earn your ministry degree from an accredited school and jump-start your ministry career while serving on the front lines of ministry. Our experience-based educational programs are designed for delivery within within a 9-month to 1-year internship (undergraduate) or within your existing ministry position (graduate). Real ministry. Real experience. Real learning.

Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate programs consists of up to 36 credit hours of practical ministry courses crafted for delivery in an applied ministry context. Each program begins with an 18-credit ministry core, then builds upon that with a 12-credit discipline-specific course block and finishes with 6 credits of cross-discipline electives. From the broad course design down to each learning objective in each course, the learning process is constructed to deliver practical, measurable ministry competencies in each student.

Graduate Programs

Our graduate Organizational Leadership concentration is built to use your existing ministry or organizational role as an experience-based classroom to grow your leadership skills. From crafting a vision to building and mobilizing a team to designing effective finance and risk policies, you will learn to lead organizations from mission to delivery. Students can take 15 to 21 credits toward various 30 to 36-hour masters degrees (MA, MMin, MEd) with connected PER partner schools.

Wilderness Program

Our multilevel discipleship philosophy (GROW System) delivered in one-week experience-based leadership institute in the context of wilderness events… that’s W.I.L.D. in a nutshell. Pursue practical ministry leadership skill with other students and ministry pros. Offered each May and September. Undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate courses available through multiple accredited partner schools.