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Master Plan DownloadsMaster Plan VideoWelcome to the training content for our Master Plan for Ministry series. The quick links to the right will jump you down the page to their corresponding content.

The Master Plan training series is a sequence of eight instruction sessions that walk through a biblical strategic planning process for discipleship in local church ministry. While the video content is primarily voiced for student ministry teams, the strategic approach is relevant to any subset of local church ministry or to the entire ministry mix of a local church body.

Seminar sessions are interspersed with “SHOP TIME” breakout sessions designed to kick-start the process for ministry teams. They provide powerful tools for developing and onboarding key volunteer ministry leaders.

Session Videos


Internal Combustion?

Ever open the hood of your car and wonder what in the world you were looking at? It wasn’t running right, so you lifted the hood to take a look hoping you might see something that you could adjust, plug in or just plain hit. Ministry can be a lot like that. You walk into the room, look around hoping you see something that you can address by quoting a verse or designing the right activity. But all you see is a bunch of wires and parts that seem to make less sense the longer you look. So what do you do? Either close the hood and walk away or start wiggling parts to see if anything makes a difference?What if you could actually make sense of it all? What if you could understand what you see? Let’s take a look at the foundational schema of ministry.


Form Feeds Function

So what is your ministry philosophy? Is it just your default approach based on your experience, abilities and preferences? Maybe a better starting point would be to identify what you know to be true about God’s purpose for ministry and about those non-negotiable expectations He laid out in Scripture regarding how you are to carry out that purpose.


Inspection Time

Spiritual diagnosis! When you read that term, what comes to your mind? A lab coat and a steel gurney? A Pharisaical ministry worker telling you how ungodly you are? Maybe you think of a loving, caring, ministry worker who helped you to discover the true needs in your life. When you think of spiritual diagnosis, that third example probably is not the one that jumped to the head of the line. Maybe that’s why most ministries are not pursuing solid diagnosis. More accurately, diagnosis may be happening, but it is often not aggressively acted on. “Labeling” someone makes people feel wrong. Is it biblical? Should you be diagnosing others? How can you do it effectively? Is there a difference between diagnosing and judging? Let’s take a look.


Diagnostic Methods

You think about physical development, educational readiness, emotional maturity and life situations when planning curriculum or helping people progress without overloading them. So why would you not think carefully about where they are in their walk with God? Jesus did. Paul did.


The Tune-Up Process

Well, now what? You are getting a handle on who the people are that you are ministering to and why they are acting the way they act. But is there anything you can do besides just loving them and being there for them? What if you could help them create truly biblical plans to facilitate spiritual growth? It’s one thing to help people discover what is true about themselves. It’s another to help them do something about it. Let’s take a practical look at spiritual development with a focus on developing specific biblical growth plans for individuals. It’s not as complicated as you might think… and it will change their lives!


Sum of the Parts

Ministry is not just about individuals. The life of the group is influenced by each individual and each individual is affected by the group. So what does God say about groups? Influences? Dynamics? How does all of this affect your leadership approach?


Build the Pit Crew

Jesus collected a team of the most unlikely, inexperienced, unqualified men for the greatest mission of all time. He then matured them, equipped them, empowered them and mobilized them. Through those men, He changed the world. God equipped you to mobilize the people He placed in your world so that He can use them in extraordinary ways.


Turn the Key

System overloaded? Need a simple place to get started? Take a look at where Jesus started and see what you can learn from the Good Shepherd. Ministry involves building relationships with people… helping them see what is true of them and helping them do something about it. If you don’t start with that essential framework, it won’t work anyway!


Bonus Q&A

Dennis Wilhite and Dwight Peterson field questions from conference attendees as a wrap-up to the weekend Master Plan for Ministry event.


Master Plan Leader Guide (Click to Download)

This 72-page resource walks step-by-step through through the series, helping you help your team develop a custom-built disciple-making strategy one step at a time. Each teaching session is framed for you with key questions, a pre-session discussion and a focus to tie the teaching into your own ministry context. Four “Shop Time” sessions are interspersed and set up for you to lead the team in practical application of the teaching.

Master Plan Curriculum Printables (Click to Download)

From the Philosophy of Ministry Tool to Individual Growth Strategy Tool, the Ministry Inventory Tools and more, these printable forms allow you to scale your investment of Master Plan as large as you need to gain maximum value within your ministry. Also included are printable note pages for your team members to use while watching each session.[/column]

Video Downloads

Need or want to make the videos portable for viewing where web access is non-existent or inconvenient? Download links for standard definition versions of each video are below. Please only use the videos within your own ministry location.  For best results, right click the link, select “Save Target As” and save the video file to your computer.

  1. Internal Combustion? (43:09) - 220MB
  2. Form Feeds Function (61:12) - 311MB
  3. Inspection Time (47:38) - 243MB
  4. Diagnostic Methods (53:02) - 270MB
  5. The Tune Up Process (44:00) - 224MB
  6. The Sum of the Parts (50:54) - 259MB
  7. Build The Pit Crew (40:11) - 204MB
  8. Turn The Key (33:32) - 171MB

Master Plan Audio (MP3) (Click to Download)

Sometimes it’s just easier to pop the teaching onto an iPod or other MP3 device for portability. You and your team can listen at the gym, on the way to work or wherever.